Adventure Journal Issue 11


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Hey there! Adventure Journal 11 includes:

• Expedition ice skating. Yes, you read that right: A small cadre of bladed pioneers is rethinking how the far north is explored.

• What if cold were a place? Say, Cold National Park? Leath Tonino bivouacs on the top of one of Vermont’s highest peaks to investigate what it means to face the familiar in an unfamiliar way.

• The snowcat as collector’s item: You can pick up a used Tucker for less than the cost of a Tacoma. But should you?

• Every one of the world’s 14 tallest peaks has been scaled in winter, except one: K2. Here’s a look at the last winter fortress—and why resurgent nationalism might be what it takes to get on top.

• The secret language of inuksuit, the stone messengers of the north.

• What comes after an avalanche is all too often shame, embarrassment, denial, and PTSD. At long last, the snow community is tackling the emotional effects of an unintended slide.