Adventure Journal Issue 09


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Hello. It’s me, Adventure Journal 09. Want to know what’s inside? How about:

It includes:

• The summer that Yosemite rioted.

• A cultural exploration of the Claim.

• The many faces of Mt. Whitney and the challenge of finding solitude on superstar peaks

• A hike-ski-paddle attempt to cross Washington’s Olympic Peninsula

• When disaster strikes at 8,000 meters in the digitally connected age

• A man who fought a lion to the death with nothing but a knife

• The most spectacularly located weekend cabin in the world

• Recipes for Banh Mi camp tacos and grilled caprese sandwiches, yum!

• Stone Age pilgrims retreating from the modern world.

Adventure Journal is printed on Forest Stewardship Council certified paper in California.

132 pages, perfect bound, 130lb cover, 80lb uncoated body

Just 15 pages of advertising